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Picturesque Jiangshan (Nvzun) (13th Dec 22 at 2:17am UTC)
Picturesque Jiangshan (Nvzun)
"Liu Xiaodao hesitated for a moment and then said," Your Majesty, according to the report, there is a man beside the tea who looks very similar to Lian Peng, but I don't know if it's Lian Peng himself. " Qin Liu raised his eyebrows and said, "Do you suspect that Lian Pengpeng's soul has also been changed?" Liu Xiaodao nodded. Qin Liu thought in silence for a while and said, "It is not so easy to succeed in exchanging souls." "What does Your Majesty mean?" Asked Liu Xiaodao. Qin Liu walked a few steps, then looked at the blood guard who was not looking well, and said, "Have you ever known the place where Yu Guijun is, and the whereabouts of Hongxiu?" Liu Xiaodao said, "There is already detailed information about where Yu Guijun is.". "Just that tea can't be sure, should be around the city." Qin Liu's voice seemed to drift. "Where is it?" He asked. Liu Xiaodao then told the news he had just got from the blood guard in detail. Qin Liu hung his head and said, "Commander Liu, you take this blood guard down first. I want to be alone." With that, Qin Liu sat down and hung his head in silence. Liu Xiaodao had no choice but to step down. But is worried about frequently looking back at Qin Liu, but Qin Liu has not looked up, Liu Xiaodao can not help the heart sour, now Liu Mei know Murong Hongyu has never betrayed her, how will she choose? All right, let Liu Mei quiet. That night, Liu Xiaodao was ordered to see him. Qin Liu, dressed in black clothes, stood quietly in the octagonal pavilion in the imperial garden, with his head slightly raised, looking up at the night sky, with a clear chill of the cold wind, constantly whistling, blowing flowers, trees and everything he could touch, as if singing a solemn and stirring song. Beibei, who had not been seen for a long time,steatite c221, was squatting on the shoulder of Qin Liu, whose snow-white fur was in sharp contrast to Qin Liu's heavy black clothes. As if sensing the arrival of Liu Xiaodao, Beibei gave a crisp cry, shook his tail, and wrapped it around Qin Liu's neck. Qin Liu slowly turned around, looking at Liu Xiaodao, eyes, calm as a pool of ancient well water, do not know how, Liu Xiaodao looking at such Qin Liu, the heart is very uneasy. So Liu Xiaodao walked forward quickly and came to Qin Liu. He hugged Qin Liu tightly. Qin Liu smiled slightly and hugged Liu Xiaodao with both hands. He said softly, "Xiaodao, let's go to pick up Redjade together." Liu Xiaodao was stupefied for a moment and then said, "But even at Beibei's speed, you can't rescue Yu Guijun overnight and go back and forth." Qin Liu closed his eyes slightly and said, "I've already arranged for the court to be closed the day after tomorrow.". My father and Yan Ning will take care of the affairs of the harem. "Did you tell them all?" Asked Liu Xiaodao. Qin Liu said, ceramic bobbin heater core ,Kamado bbq grill, "If I want to go out of the palace, naturally I have to make it clear." Liu Xiaodao said in a muffled voice, "Aren't you worried that Ning Guijun is uncomfortable?"? I was worried that he would be unhappy when he knew about it, so I asked the palace attendant to inform your majesty and ask for an interview alone. Qin Liu smiled softly and said, "Yan Ning has always been broad-minded. He is somewhat similar to you in many places. He is not as sentimental as ordinary men. This is what I appreciate.". And, most importantly, Yan Ning believes that I will come back safely. When Liu Xiaodao heard this, he felt a slight warmth in his heart and smiled. "That's all right," he said. Qin Liu suddenly raised a smile at the corners of her mouth, which was indescribably cold, but her tone was soft. "Xiao Dao, go and save Redjade," she said. Liu Xiaodao stuck to Qin Liu's chest, listening to Qin Liu's slow and powerful heartbeat, and asked, "What about you?" Qin Liu smiled more and more coldly and said, "Of course I'm going to find the man who took Redjade's body.". After you rescue Redjade, wait for me at the mansion of the Lord of Mancheng. Liu Xiaodao nodded. Qin Liu's eyes did not know where to look, and then said: "Beibei, ready to start.".
"When Beibei heard the order, he loosened the snow-white tail wrapped around Qin Liu's neck and jumped off Qin Liu's shoulder. Slowly, Beibei began to grow wings. When the wings were fully unfolded, a heavy and shallow black mist emerged from Beibei's whole body, enveloping Beibei for about ten meters.". Liu Xiaodao face with a trace of surprise, Beibei's last body protection black fog is just around the whole body, this time, can actually diffuse tens of meters, Beibei's repair has been refined to what extent? Liu Xiaodao heart although there is doubt, but still did not ask out, since Qin Liu does not say, so naturally there is her reason. The black fog gradually thickened, when the black fog and the night seemed to be one, Qin Liu took Liu Xiaodao's hand and stepped into the black fog. Tea died when the body was not stained with a drop of blood, unscathed Liu Xiaodao, so standing in front of Murong Hongyu trapped in prison, Murong Hongyu's heart do not know what kind of feeling. When Liu Xiaodao split the iron gate and chain to rescue Murong Hongyu, Murong Hongyu, who had changed her face, finally broke away from the prison where she had been bound for many days. They looked at each other and were speechless for a long time. It was Murong Hongyu who spoke first and said, "Do you know it's me?" Liu Xiaodao nodded. Murong Hongyu asked again, "Where is Your Majesty?" "Go and find the man who took your body," said Liu Xiaodao. Murong Hongyu was in a hurry and said, "Then go and help Your Majesty. Ou Fan is very powerful and has many masters." Liu Xiaodao smiled and said, "Don't worry.". Let's go to the Mancheng Castle first and wait for your majesty to come back. Murong Hongyu bit her lip, although she did not speak, but the color of worry was overflowing. Liu Xiaodao didn't say much. "Let's go," he said. Don't worry, Your Majesty is stronger than we thought. If we go there, it will only delay your majesty's hind legs. When Murong Hongyu heard this, she felt uncomfortable and silently followed Liu Xiaodao out of the cave where she had been imprisoned for many days. Qin Liu, dressed in black clothes, holding a snow-white civet cat,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, stood in Mancheng Ou Mansion at dawn, only to see that the Ou Mansion covers a wide area, almost occupying a few miles of territory. global-ceramics.com
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