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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty (13th Dec 22 at 2:13am UTC)
Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty
Brother Zhang said one sentence after another to his master, which made Wu Mingjie feel very nervous. Wu Mingjie glanced at Brother Zhang and asked lightly, "Did Qin Fengyang accept you?"? You left a master and right a master? Brother Zhang turned his head to look at Wu Mingjie. He dared not look at Wu Mingjie. He quickly looked away. He lowered his head guiltily and whispered, "Not yet!" Wu Mingjie gave Brother Zhang a white look and said sarcastically, "Do you think you can be a little promising?"? People don't want to talk to you. Is it interesting for you to stick it up shamelessly? Brother Zhang bowed his head to drink tea and dared not say anything. When Wu Ming-chieh saw Brother Zhang bow his head and keep silent, he leaned over to him and said in a low voice, "Brother Zhang, why don't you worship under my name?". I tell you, if you worship my name, I will make you famous all over the world. Bai Ruyue sat on the edge of the king of Liang, and her eyes were straight. She had never seen Wu Mingjie talk to people like that. This is the famous General Huwei! How many people want to worship his name? When Bai Ruyue saw brother Zhang, she bowed her head and kept silent. She was sweating for him and wished she could answer for him. Liang Wang saw that Bai Ruyue tightened her body, stared at Zhang Ge'er, and reached out to hold her hand. Bai Ruyue turned to look at the king of Liang. King Liang lowered his voice and said, "Be good. Don't be nervous. Relax." Bai Ruyue replied softly, "How nice Brother Jie is! Brother Zhang should be able to worship under Brother Jie's name.." Liang Wang pinched Bai Ruyue's hand and interrupted her words. "Don't worry about the moon. Mingjie will not let him escape if he stares at Brother Zhang.". This kind of drama has been played many times before. Here Bai Ruyue was appeased by the King of Liang. On the other side, Nannan looked at the god-like father and lowered himself to beg brother Zhang. Brother Zhang bowed his head and did not respond. In the heart a nameless fire suddenly rises, Nannan can not hold back, angrily rushed to the front of Zhangge, reached out to pick up the teacup that Zhangge had just put down,4 person jacuzzi, and poured half a cup of tea on Zhangge. Brother Zhang instinctively gave way to the side, and the tea poured behind him. No one expected that Nannan would rush up. Wu Mingjie was stupefied for a moment, and then he was moved in his heart. The daughter has grown up and knows how to protect her old father. Brother Zhang stared at Nannan in a daze. He stood up and stammered, "Nannan, what are you.." The partner who played together from childhood to adulthood, brother Zhang knew that Nannan was angry, and was very angry,jacuzzi swim spa, anxious to explain to her. Nannan stared at Brother Zhang with round eyes and said, "Zhao Shizhang, what are you dragging?"? My father is willing to accept you as a disciple. That's your good fortune. Hum, you not only cherish, you also let my father put down his posture to beg you. Why are you sticking up your tail? Go, who do you think you are? Even if you are gifted and talented, our family will not accept you. With that, Nannan turned to Wu Mingjie and knelt down, looking up at Wu Mingjie. Said plausibly: "Father, our ancestors often said that in this world, whether it is people or things, all talk about the word'fate '.". Father intended to accept Zhao Shizhang as a disciple, but he had no intention of worshipping his father, and his father did not have to be wronged to beg him. Dad accepted Nannan. From now on, whirlpool hot tub spa ,endless swimming pool, Nannan is not only Dad's daughter, but also Dad's disciple. Even though Nannan's aptitude is not as good as that guy who doesn't have eyes, Nannan will study hard and practice hard. In the future, she will certainly become the pride of her father. Wu Mingjie did not expect that what happened today would stimulate her daughter so much. He hurried around the square table and helped his daughter up. Nannan is a good girl, father's good daughter. Get up quickly. Wu Mingjie picked up his daughter, turned to look at Brother Zhang and said, "Brother Zhang, I'll give you another chance. If you still don't want to, I won't mention it again." When Brother Zhang saw Nannan staring at him coldly, he said, "It's not that I don't want to worship the general. I just want to learn about money and grain from Mr. Qin first.." When Bai Ruyue saw that Nannan was about to open her mouth, she laughed to smooth things over and said, "It's Brother Zhang's good fortune that he can worship the general. Brother Zhang should hurry to thank him." "Don't speak for him, master," Nannan pouted. "Look at his reluctance. It's like our family is begging him." Bai Ruyue had already walked to Nannan's side. She patted her hand and said, "Nannan, don't worry.".
” With that, Bai Ruyue went on to say, "Brother Zhang, don't be single-minded and be flexible.". Students in the school have different teachers to teach different lessons. "Brother Zhang wants to go to Uncle Qin's door and follow Uncle Qin to learn the common affairs of money and grain, which does not conflict with going to Brother Jie's door." Brother Zhang listened to Bai Ruyue's words, and his eyes flashed a ray of crystal light. He hurriedly came around from behind the square table and knelt down in front of Wu Mingjie. "Master, please accept a disciple's worship." Chapter 992 of the text volume. Smiling, Wu Mingjie bent down to pick up Brother Zhang and said hurriedly, "Good, good.." When the King of Liang saw Wu Mingjie's cheerful appearance, he said with a smile, "Mingjie, don't help Brother Zhang first. Let him offer the tea directly." When Wu Mingjie heard what the King of Liang said, he straightened up and said, "Well, Wang Ye, that's a good idea." When Wu Mingjie returned to his seat, Bai Ruyue asked Nannan to return to her seat and motioned to the Chamberlain to bring the tea. Brother Zhang picked up the teacup from the tray served by the waiter and respectfully handed it to Wu Mingjie, "Master, please drink tea." Wu Mingjie smiled and took the tea. "Good!" He took the tea, lowered his head and took a sip of tea. He presented a dagger he carried with him to Brother Zhang. All the people present except Nannan. The rest were filled with joy. With a straight face, Nannan looked at Zhao Shizhang coldly. From then on, Nannan took pleasure in finding fault with Brother Zhang. It really gave Brother Zhang a headache for a long time. This is the last word. Because of Wu Mingjie's success in accepting apprentices, there was a lot of joy in the dust-washing feast. Bai Ruyue drank two more glasses of fruit wine and stopped under the dissuasion of the King of Liang. Seeing that Zhao Shizhang was not pleasing to the eye, Nannan drank a lot of fruit wine sullenly and fell drunk on the table. Wu Mingjie carried him to the carriage. Bai Ruyue looked at Nannan, who was so drunk that she fell asleep, and said, "Brother Jie, why don't you let Nannan stay in the other garden tonight?" Wu Mingjie shook his head,outdoor endless pool, "No, send her back, so that everyone in the house will not worry." 。 monalisa.com
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