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Hibiscus robbery (12th Dec 22 at 2:37am UTC)
Hibiscus robbery
Takeo Watanabe laughed and said, "If you think so, you are wrong in the end. The so-called secret cave is just a hiding place for outsiders. None of those rafts can be used. I hid them in the secret cave to prevent someone from seeing through the secret between me and His Majesty Emperor Maori and running away. I deliberately hid several rafts in that place." Actually, those rafts are milder. But after the launch, but also two hours, will certainly corrode, here to the sea night light chase, take a big boat to sail for half a day, if it is the use of rafts sailing, at least four hours, and those rafts in the corrosion, will emit a strange smell. Du Yunqing said, "This fishy smell must have some special effect, otherwise you wouldn't have said it out specifically." Takeo Watanabe laughed and said, "Of course, because I've figured it out. I'm going to the Night Light Island. On the way, I'm passing through the concentration area of sea sharks. Do you know the sea sharks?" "Yes, we call it Jiao in Chinese, which is a very fierce fish." "They are not only particularly ferocious, but also extremely bloodthirsty. They come in groups to grab food in the sea. As long as they smell the smell of blood, they will rush to thousands of miles away. Their teeth are very sharp and they move quickly. This is not terrible,Thyroid Powder Factory, because there are many fish in the sea that are bigger and more powerful than them.". But this kind of sea shark has another kind of terrible place, is their desperate spirit, as long as saw the pig thing, immediately rushed to attack, completely regardless of their own life, once I had a brother fell into the sea, surrounded by them, that brother has a good kungfu,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, holding a sharp blade in his hand, water is very good, but still suffered a vicious hand, because those sea sharks are desperate to attack. I saw him cut a sea shark in two with one knife, but the upper half of the fish still rushed up and bit off a piece of his flesh. Du Yunqing said, "Jiaoyu is known as a tyrant on the sea. Anyone who survives on the sea knows this. There is no need for you to explain." Takeo Watanabe said with a smile, "Daxia Du is still corroding and melting very quickly. In one cup of tea, the raft turns into countless pieces. If Zhan Zhichao uses those rafts to cross the sea, I'm relieved. When he gets to the sea, he will be fed by the sharks." "Your design is very clever," said Du Yunqing. Takeo Watanabe said, "There used to be the Jade Dragon Temple among you, and our country naturally has a similar organization. Since I am the spy leader of Emperor Maori, how can I be scheming? The members of Yueyo Ryu are more complicated, Theobromine Powder ,Sex Enhancement Powder, and it is very likely that there will be the eyes and ears of Ashikaga Pifu among them. Of course, I must have a way to destroy them." Du Yunqing smiled and said, "Are these rafts one of your arrangements?" Takeo Watanabe said with a smile, "Yes, and it's the most effective. I've planned to execute three traitors one after another. I used the raft to hint first and tell them that their secret identities had been exposed. In a hurry, they stole the raft and escaped. When they got to the sea, they were buried in the belly of the fish." "Why don't you just kill them?" Asked Du Yunqing. Takeo Watanabe said with a smile, "That will arouse Ashikaga's wariness, and Tsukino Ryu will not be able to maintain any longer. I exposed the foundation of the three men, and did not let them know that their identities had been revealed. I just made some hints that there were Ashikaga royal spies in Tsukino Ryu, and asked them to secretly investigate for me.". He also said that the people in Kyoto were already trying to get a list of the names, which would be sent soon. I was afraid that if the news leaked out, the names would know and go in advance, asking them to guard the rafts. This was the only means of escape on the sea, and the three guys were very lucky, thinking that I was lucky enough to find them to participate in the secret, but it was true that the people I mentioned in Kyoto were about to get the list, because the place I revealed where they got the list was their secret training lair, and when the list arrived, they would not be lucky and would naturally try to escape. But they don't know that this is the dead end we have arranged for them.
” Hibiscus suddenly asked, "Takeo Watanabe, if you want to kill them, why don't you dare to do it openly?"? You said you were afraid they would be killed and make Ashikaga suspicious. "Yes, the Ashikaga royal family is now in power, the people do not fight with the officials, we are still in the process of regaining power, there is no need to formally conflict with the official." "Then aren't you afraid of Ashikaga's suspicions when you bury those three men in the belly of a fish?" "No, they have a plan. When their raft erodes and attracts sharks, there will be several fishing boats nearby. The people on the boats can witness their death from the belly of the fish, which will not be suspicious of us." "Joke, won't Ashikaga think that this is your deliberate arrangement?" "No, because Ashikaga didn't know what our real purpose was. He was a little suspicious of us, so he sent someone to take a look. If we killed these people, it would seem that there was a problem. We killed three people in the belly of the fish. His spies on the fishing boat saw it with their own eyes. He thought it was just an accident." "Why did you tell me when you took so much trouble?" Takeo Watanabe said with a sneer, "This tells you that I am a very calculating man. Since Zhan Zhichao is your man, he must die. As long as he dies, the old Taoist priest of the White Dragon knows that he is unreliable, so he is alert to this place. You have no ships and can't leave at all. Sooner or later, you will be destroyed by the Jade Dragon Temple. If you die, will I be afraid that you will reveal my secrets?" "Has Zhan Zhichao been suspected by the White Dragon?" "Yes, the White Dragon told me to pay attention to him. If he was willing to take Du Yunqing to Haiyeguang Island honestly, it would prove that he was not disloyal. If he had bad intentions, he would not take Du Yunqing there. At that time, he asked me to get rid of the traitor for him." "If he died at sea, how would the White Dragon know?" Takeo Watanabe said with a sneer, "Only White Dragon and I know the secret of how the raft can summon the sharks. Of course, I will tell White Dragon where the raft might be. He will send a boat nearby to meet it. He will also see the situation of Zhan Zhichao trapped in the sharks. Naturally,Glucono Delta Lactone, he will understand what happened." Du Yunqing said, "If I promise to go to Haiyeguang Island, will there be any problems with the raft we took?" 。 pioneer-biotech.com
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