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Collected works of Lu Yao (6th Dec 22 at 12:54am UTC)
Gao Jialin was the first cadre to arrive at Nanmahe Commune in the county. The relief team led by the deputy secretary of the county party committee was five hours later than him-it was almost dawn. When Jialin arrived at Nanma River, none of the commune cadres knew him. He himself introduced to them that he was the new communications officer in the county and came to cover the disaster relief situation. As soon as everyone saw that the young man in his early twenties was covered with mud and his feet were still bleeding, they were deeply moved and hurried to cook for him. The commune cadres had just returned from one of the brigades most affected by the disaster, and after dinner, they were ready to get up and go to other brigades. They were all wet, and their faces were covered with mud so that only two eyes were exposed. Commune Secretary Liu Yuhai was wounded in seven places, all wrapped in gauze, as if he had just come down from the line of fire. They forced Garin to change his clothes and bandage his feet, and then the commune clerk reported the situation to him at home, while the rest of the people set out to do disaster relief work. Garin was determined not to comply and insisted on going with everyone. He only took out a notebook and a pen wrapped in a plastic bag from his bag and set off with them by force. The commune clerk joked that he would first write a report to the county communication officer to praise his working spirit. On the way, the team covered with mud was divided into several groups and went to several brigades to check the situation and organize disaster relief. Gao Jialin and Xiaoma, the clerk, went to the temple with Liu Yuhai, the secretary. Along the way, they could not see each other and groped their way forward. The roar of the torrents in the river was deafening,aluminium coated tubes, and the rain was still pouring down. The commune clerk, while falling and climbing, talked to him about the known disaster situation of the whole commune and the relief measures of the commune. Gao Jialin recorded in his heart. Liu Yuhai, the secretary, walked ahead without saying a word. After arriving at the temple Buddha brigade, as soon as they settled down,cold drawn tubes, many people came to the village, crying one by one, telling Liu Yuhai how many kilns had collapsed, how many animals had been washed away, and how many crops had been destroyed. Liu Yuhai's arms and legs were all wrapped in gauze, and his face was black and grey. He asked the team cadres in a loud voice: "How are people?" Everybody replies: "The person is in!" The person is in! Liu Yuhai's left arm, which was not injured, swung and roared: "As long as people are here, I'm not afraid of anything!" The cry lifted everyone's spirits. Liu Yuhai immediately pulled the team cadres to the stove of the public kiln and formed a circle on the ground to discuss emergency measures. Gao Jialin was also strongly shocked by Liu Yuhai's cry. He turned his head sideways and saw Liu Yuhai in the middle of the farmers, whose image was as rough and bold as Zhu Laozhong in the Red Flag Spectrum. He was very moved to see that he was wounded all over and worried about the common people. There are crafty cadres like Ma Zhansheng and Gao Minglou in life, as well as good cadres like Liu Yuhai! Although Ma Zhansheng gave him the back door, stainless steel 304 pipes ,side impact beams, he did not like him in his heart. Although Liu Yuhai met for the first time, he was strongly attracted by this person. He remembered Lao Liu's cry just now, and inspiration came immediately. He took his notebook and pen out of the plastic bag and wrote down the title of his first report: "As long as there are people, we are not afraid of disaster.". He concentrated on writing the report in the dim light of the kiln. The heavy rain outside and the mountain torrents in the river made a great noise, but he could not hear it. He was so excited that his pen trembled and he wrote quickly in his notebook. He knew all the ways in which the news was reported-he read the newspapers so often that he was familiar with all kinds of things in his mind. After finishing the manuscript, he followed Liu Yuhai to the scene of disaster relief, mud and water to work together with the crowd. The next morning, he entrusted his report to the postman of the commune and delivered it to Lao Jing. In the evening, he returned to the commune with Liu Yuhai and the clerk to attend an emergency meeting. At the meeting, the cadres from each team reported the situation separately. Gao Jialin attended such a meeting for the first time, but he asked many people questions without restraint, collecting specific information and some heroic and exemplary deeds. After the meeting, in addition to the staff on duty, Liu Yuhai arranged for everyone to sleep for three hours, and then prepared to set out in the middle of the night. Gao Jialin didn't sleep. Under the kerosene lamp, he wrote three short newsletters and a comprehensive report in succession.
When he had finished writing, he came out and stood in front of the commune door, stretching his arms and legs. At this time, the cable broadcasting in the county began to broadcast. First of all, the county program, broadcast upload to report Huang Yeping's mellow and sonorous Mandarin: ".." Comrades, now please listen to the report written by Garin: "As long as there are people, we are not afraid of disaster"... " Yaping's voice sounded a little excited, especially when she read Liu Yuhai's story. The rhythm of the broadcast seemed to be a little faster than usual. Gao Jialin stood under the eaves of the kiln, his heart pounding, listening to his first report-respected teacher Jing did not even change a word! A feeling of happiness immediately surged into Gao Jialin's heart, so that he could not help whistling gently in the rainy night. The next day, Garin received a note from Laojing with a few short words: You did a good job. Waiting for your next report. It's up to you to decide when to go back to the county. Gao Jialin followed Lao Jing's instructions and sent the reports on the disaster relief of the Nanma River back to the newspaper one after another. In the evening and morning, from time to time, Huang Yaping's mellow and loud Mandarin voice came from the cable broadcast: ".." Now broadcast the report written by Jialin from the first line of disaster relief in Nanma River. It was not until the fifth day that Gao Jialin returned to the city with the condolence group of the county committee. www.xiaoshuotxt.com Life (15) Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang After Gao Jialin came back from Nanma River, he fell on the bed and did not know anything. He has slept for a whole night. The next day, he didn't even get up for breakfast and went back to sleep. He was in a daze when he heard someone knocking at the door. At first he thought it was Lao Jing's door, but when he listened carefully, it was his door. He thought it was probably Lao Jing who called him! Quickly get up from the bed, while dressing,side impact beams, said to the door: "Jing teacher, you come in!" " There was a burst of giggling outside the door. It's a woman! He hurriedly shouted out of the door again, "Wait a minute!" He put on his clothes quickly and went to open the door. cbiesautomotive.com
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